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Eggplant Parmigiana
Easy Eggplant Parmigiana 40Min
Herb Crusted Fish
Easy Herb Crusted Fish 14Min
Savoury Fried Rice
Easy Savoury Fried Rice 15Min
Seafood Chowder
Easy Seafood Chowder 35Min
Fried Beef Noodles
Easy Fried Beef Noodles 20Min
Naked Burrito Bowls
Easy Naked Burrito Bowls 20Min
Easy Chicken Tacos
Easy Easy Chicken Tacos 20Min
Red Chicken Curry
Easy Red Chicken Curry 23Min
Chilli Con Carne
Easy Chilli Con Carne 30Min
Singapore Noodles
Easy Singapore Noodles 25Min
Easy Okonomiyaki 15Min


Fun in the kitchen
Fun in the kitchen We recognise the impact that basic cooking skills can have on the meals we choose to cook. That’s why we support ways of providing basic cooking skills to school kids.…