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Get to know our new ingredients

Get to know our new ingredients

We at MAGGI think that there is always something that we can do better – That’s just what we do, every day.

Therefore we check and revise our products regularly and ask you for your thoughts and opinions.

In a large study, with 500 consumers, in the spring of 2015, we were told that there are ingredients in Recipe Base products that they do not recognise (as something in their kitchen pantry). It is important to us that you can enjoy our products, without having to ask the question: “What’s really in it?”

To change this, our team of culinary experts have worked tirelessly to revise the recipes of MAGGI Recipe Bases* so it is easier to understand the ingredient list and so you know better what goes into the food you’re preparing for your family and friends.

Take for instance our Satay Chicken, made with chili, cinnamon, coriander seeds and onion powder, carefully blended by us, so you can create a tasty dinner the whole family will love.  We know how much you enjoy the  taste of our recipe bases and so it was important to us to keep the taste you know and love the same as much as we can, even when we changed some of the ingredients to make them more recognisable. We did this again with the help of our consumers by doing further research & recipe tastings and asking them if they prefer our new recipes. If they didn’t, we went back and started again, until we got it right.

New ingredients, what does this mean?

When revising our MAGGI Recipe Bases we followed two objectives. Firstly, we’ve removed where possible, ingredients that are less commonly known and enjoyed. For example, we’re now only using skim milk powders in replacement of our creamer, which had emulsifiers and other binding ingredients. It gives a nice creamy texture, but now it’s in a form which you can recognise

Secondly, we’ve created 7 recipes (Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Chasseur, Chilli con Carne, Mexican nachos, Mince Cottage Pie, Satay Chicken, and Lamb Ragout. ) so that they are now suitable for a gluten free diet. These changes included replacing wheat flours, with other natural starches, like corn flour, that we can find in our kitchen cupboard.

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