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Here’s some simple tips to help you pick veggies in tip top condition.


Look for straight, bright-green stalks with stiff tips, check that the stalks aren’t tough and woody.

AvocadosAvocados are ready to eat when their skins are dark and they give in a little to slight pressure.


Choose beetroot that are firm and attached to red stems and fresh green tops. Loose beetroot without their tops are typically older, therefore use as soon as possible.


Heads should be tightly budded and dark green in colour, avoid very thick stalks.


Look for firm carrots with relatively smooth skin. Avoid thick carrots, as they often have tough centres. Better to buy loose rather than pre packed as these can sometimes sweat.


Look for unblemished, dark green cucumbers with a firm touch.


Should be firm and light green in colour with no bruises or discolouration.


Choose eggplants that have a smooth skin and no soft spots or discolouration.


Look for plump and firm bulbs that are completely encased by their tissue-like covering. Avoid ones that have green sprouts, and have signs of browning.


Look for leeks that have dark green leaves and white stalks. Leaves that have yellow and brown spots are usually overripe.


Look for mushrooms that are free of bruises. Fresh mushrooms are not wrinkled.


Choose firm potatoes that are free of bruises and cracks.


Choose firm brown onions that are still encased by their skin, with no green sprouts or sliminess.

Red Capsicum

Choose red capsicum’s that have thick, smooth skin, with no soft spots or discolouration.


Choose spinach that is vibrant green with no signs of yellowing, sliminess, or wilting.

Sweet Potatoes

Choose sweet potatoes that do not have any cracks or soft spots.


Choose zucchini’s that have firm, dark green skin. Old zucchini’s are soft and wrinkly.

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