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Bored kids can end up driving you crazy unless you have lots planned to keep them occupied. The kitchen is the place to be to find easy ways to nip boredom in the bud. In addition to learning essential cooking skills, they will also be helping with the chores without even realising it.​

Stir fry is a simple cooking technique that makes one of the tastiest and easiest meals going, and a great place to start with the kids because it can be customised to make it different every time. ​See how easy a stir fry can be on the short video.

If this is the first time your kids have ventured in the kitchen other than to ask how long will dinner be? Might be better if you do all the chopping for them and take extra care around the hot pan.​

Stir frying is a quick process so always cut ingredients into small pieces to ensure they cook through. I always like to use as many different coloured vegatables as possible, not only does this make the stir fry look delicious it also helps to increase the variety of veggies in the diet.​

Happy cooking

stir fry chicken

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