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Immunity boosting salad ideas

As we slide into autumn and a bit of a chill sets in we can still embrace lighter, fresher meals and salads.

Actually salads are the perfect way to feed your body with a tasty mix of immunity boosting ingredients. Especially at this time of year  as the greengrocers and supermarkets shelves fill up with hearty root vegetables there are lots of options to make delicious salads.

Root vegetable offer great value for money and can be used for so much more than traditional hearty meals, in fact they are delicious when used in salads and just like other vegetables, legumes and fruits,  they can help to support immunity.

Another immune boosting superstar is garlic, it can give a yummy garlicky kick to salad dressings, or for more mild taste, toss vegetables in garlic before roasting. The fibre from all the vegetables will help maintain a healthy gut, which is another way to help boost your immunity.

Herbs contain a mix of nutrients too and one of the easiest ways to add interest to any salad is with fresh herbs. It’s good to keep a plant pot with some fresh herbs growing, these are so versatile, and can be used for a subtle twist or an herbaceous lift at meal time. Try adding some freshly picked and chopped mint and coriander to some rice noodles, then a dash of MAGGI fish sauce for a flavour packed fresh salad perfect to liven up any meal time.

Here are some more salads ideas you may like to try:

Layer on some lean protein using poached chicken breast, sliced boiled eggs, or a tin of flaked tuna, to provide a dose of amino acids. Using lean red meat like a seared minute steak cut which is then cut into thin strips will also boost iron and zinc. It is so easy to boost Vitamin C with orange slices, a scatter of berries, roasted capsicum and even slices of tomato.

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