Well the kids have been off for a few weeks now and most likely are starting to get a bit bored. It is also about now that ideas to keep them occupied are running thin. So maybe it’s time to head off to the kitchen.

Involving kids in the cooking process is not only fun, a Nestlé study has found that when kids help with the cooking they tend to eat more of what they have prepared, including more veggies. So letting them help out can be a great way to increase their vegetable intake.

I get the opportunity to cook with kids of all ages and am continually surprised by how much they love cooking, and how eager they are to learn. So I use kitchen time to share some healthy tips.

Some of the easiest tips I share are things like how much food to cook for correct portion control – it’s generally less than most expect. Showing how to balance a meal so that half the plate is veggies and the other half split between carbs and protein is another tip that’s easy to remember. But when it comes to veggies, we know that these will never be the first choice, so I always try to add some excitement to them, this can be as simple as cutting differently i.e. peel carrots or zucchini into ribbons.  Increasing sweetness is always a hit and roasting is a great way to do this, particularly with things like onions and pumpkin. Baby vegetables look awesome and tend to be naturally higher in sugar. And not forgetting that stir frying is great for veggies because it is so quick it retains texture and dials up the colours making the vegetables look more appealing.

So why not take time these holidays to have some fun in the kitchen and at the same time help the kids cook for a healthier life.

cooked chicken with vegetables

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