Country kids cook up fresh ideas

Country kids cook up fresh ideas


As promised, day two of the MAGGI Pop-Up Kitchen kicked off with Greek Kofta’s – cooking these little balls of minced lamb with spices and herbs filled the air with the most mouth watering smells. Most of the kids had never tasted koftas before, but after cooking  them, I suspect that from now on they will be making a regular appearance at dinner time in Coonamble.

A key theme of the MAGGI Pop-Up Kitchen is to show that cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients is easy and fun, and there are few meals that demonstrate this more than stir fries. The kids cooked up a honey soy stir fry in less than 10 minutes and were genuinely blown away that they could cook such yummy food so quickly.

Day three kicked off with not a single spare cooking station, because all the kids arrived bright and early for a fun filled day cooking fried rice, Mexican quesadillas and then finished with what Sammy called “the best burgers I have ever eaten”

We know that kids that cook themselves tend to eat more of what they have cooked, so by teaching them healthy eating habits we are taking a small step in the right direction, while having a blast doing it.

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