Time for tasty treats

Time for tasty treats

At last the cold winter months are behind us, now we can look forward to the warmer days and lighter nights that lie ahead. It’s the time of year is when our eating habits change as we migrate from the indoor dining table to the outdoor picnic blanket, as slow cookers are replaced with smoky aromas wafting from neighbourhood BBQ’s. There’s something magical that happens in the warmer weather, food just seems to taste fresher when there is a warm breeze, salads become more popular, meals are lighter and even the humble sausage becomes a good old snag when thrown on the barbie.

There is something about eating outside that just makes the moment so much more enjoyable. Everything tastes yummier eaten outside on a warm sunny day, and if the food is hand held then it’s even better!  No washing up, no utensils, no balancing plates on wobbly knees, simply grab and munch.

But remember that just like the saying; ‘all good things in moderation’ we do need to take a moment and pause before jumping on the handheld bandwagon. It is so much easier to eat more than you planned when snacking so be warned, going handheld is fun, tasty and social but it is also so easy to over indulge.

So here’s a couple of tips to help you enjoy the moment without over eating.

First up, count your portions and if you are doing the cooking, match the amount of food to the number of people. For example if you make mini sliders like these a good idea is to allow two for an adult and one for a child. Same if you are cooking with pork spring rolls,  allow two per adult. Secondly don’t forget the healthy stuff, cut vegetables such as carrots, celery, capsicum and cucumbers into strips for simple hand held nibbles. Toasted flat bread cut into strips is also great to snack on.

If you have a great idea for healthy al fresco eating why not share it with us?.

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