Richard Brogan

Richard Brogan

I’m Richard and I head up the MAGGI Kitchen in Sydney. We have a small team of dedicated culinary experts who lead the development of all our products as well as helping to create lots of recipes and articles to help our consumers discover more great ways to create delicious food.

As you can imagine, the majority of our time is spent in the kitchen, but you might be surprise to learn how much time we spend out and about cooking with people from our MAGGI community as well as immersing ourselves in all types of markets, restaurants and the industry experts to make sure we’re bringing you the absolute best of what Australian food can offer.

As a dad myself, I also take a particular interest in how we can make it easier to cook healthier food. I know the realities of getting healthy food on the table – let alone getting kids to eat it! So we’re always working on new and simple ways that food can be made a little bit healthier.

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