7 Essential Tips For Entertaining

7 Essential Tips For Entertaining

At my place, any excuse for a bash will do. Whether it’s a special occasion or a Sunday BBQ, hosting can be a lot of fun.

Tip one: Presentation counts.
I always make sure I wear something bright I think good presentation makes guests feel welcomed as they see you have gone out of your way to look good for them.

Tip two: Make guests feel welcomed.
I like my guests to feel relaxed with some pre prepared drinks near the entrance and some crackers and cheese. Guests can then make their way to the dining area where I have made a nice centrepiece (maybe flowers or fruit) in the middle of the table with all the tableware neatly spread out.

Tip three: Talk to your guests.
I also make a point of seating guests next to someone they don’t know, and of course, I like to introduce them and spend at least five minutes of my time talking to them.
My signature dish is Chicken Cacciatore. It doesn’t take long to make and goes nicely with a nice glass of wine. Dessert can be some nice gelato I picked up from the Gelataria factory or an equally delicious healthy alternative like a fruit platter.

Tip four: Make it fun.
When everyone is feeling full and relaxed, we head into the lounge room for some Karaoke with some favourites like Abba and Whitney Houston. Dancing is not out of the question.

Tip five: Safety.
Of course, when it’s time for my guests to leave, I always make sure that whoever is driving has not gone over the limit. If anyone can’t safely drive home, I have a spare guest room.

Tip six: Thank your guests.
They say that nothing can life your spirits like a good friendship, so always thank your guests for coming. It’s a little thing, but it lets them know how important they are to you.

Tip seven: Keep it clean
Make a start cleaning up the night before so it’s not a daunting task when everyone leaves.

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