Bored with salads?

Bored with salads?

The weather is certainly starting to warm up and memories of winter are fading fast, our eating habits are changing as we embrace lighter and fresher meals.

The change can be seen in the greengrocers and supermarkets as the hearty root vegetables that were filling their shelves start to disappear to be replaced by beans, celery and other fresh vegetables of spring.  This is not good news for everyone, because this time of year can also be filled with dread by some family members who love the hearty meals of the colder months and resist the change in temperature as this can mean the start of the salad season, otherwise known as lettuce, cucumber and tomato served with everything! No wonder they dread it.

Well this season it’s going to be different because we have lots of ideas for simple salads that the whole family will love. First up,  and one of the easiest ways to add interest to any salad is with fresh herbs. It’s good to keep a plant pot with some fresh herbs growing, these are so versatile, and can be used for a subtle twist or an herbaceous lift at meal time. Try adding some freshly picked and chopped mint and coriander to some rice noodles, then a dash of MAGGI fish sauce for an Asian inspired fresh summer salad perfect to liven up any meal time.

Check out this link for another delicious salad idea.





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