What to do with all those cans in the pantry ​

What to do with all those cans in the pantry ​

With many pantries loaded with canned goods, now is the time to get creative. Especially so when it comes to using those cans of legumes!​​

Jutta; the MAGGI team nutritionist refers to them as “the overlooked superfood”. This is what else she had to say…​

​“Legumes are a super class of vegetables that includes beans and peas.  Not only do they contain a powerhouse of nutritional goodness but they are cheap and extremely versatile in cooking.  ​​Legumes are brimming with an abundance of goodies including low GI healthy carbs, fibre and plant based protein making them deliciously satisfying and an absolute winner for gut health.  They are also great sources of iron, zinc, magnesium and energy supporting B-vitamins.   An abundance of research shows they are so good for our health too, being linked with reduced risk heart disease and diabetes, lower blood pressure and can help to manage cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar levels on an even keel.  Emerging research shows they can also help with weight management.  It is recommended we aim for 1 cup legumes at least  2-3 times/week.  ​​

While you may be familiar with the classic, slightly grainy, nutty chickpeas, the key ingredient in popular hummus dip, there are an abundance of different types to check out and explore.  Some of my favourites include the soft but firm texture of black eyes peas, the buttery, fluffy texture of cannellini beans and mild peppery tasting green lentils.​​

One of the best things about legumes is that they are super versatile.  You can simply add them to salads, soups and casseroles, roast them for a delicious crunchy snack, puree them to make dips and spreads, or substitute them for minced beef when making bolognaise or burgers.”​

​​These great ideas from Jutta inspired me to dig out one of my go to recipes for Savoury Lentil Burgers, these are great served with a dollop of sour cream and a mixed leaf salad. Check out the recipe below​


1 egg​

1 pkt MAGGI Apricot Chicken Recipe Base ​

1 tbsp plain flour ​

¼ cup (60mL) milk​

A pinch of ground cumin​

2 cans lentils rinsed and drained​​


Mix egg to a smooth batter with Recipe Base, flour, milk and cumin.​

Add lentils and mix through​

Heat large frying pan, split mix into four and add to pan sprayed with oil, shape into a pattie and fry both sides over medium heat until patties golden and cooked through. ​

​Serves 4 ​

​We would love to hear what you are cooking with items from your pantries, why not jump on the MAGGI Facebook page to share your ideas?​

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