How to prepare Stir fry Creations

How to prepare Stir fry Creations

An easy to follow video on how to prepare MAGGI Stirfry Creations.  Richard from the MAGGI Kitchen takes you through the unique two-step process.

Stir fries are a great way to get a balanced meal on the table fast!  Richard from the MAGGI Kitchen shows you how to create a delicious Honey, Soy & Garlic Chicken Stir Fry using new MAGGI Stirfry Creations. It can sometimes be tricky to get the right balance of flavours and your meat and veg cooked just right.  The secret is in the layering of ingredients.

To get things started you’ll need two chicken breasts, that’s around 500g.  Slice those into thin strips, and you also going to need three cups of your favourite mixed veggies, that’s around 450g.  And don’t forget your favourite flavour of MAGGI Stirfry Creations.

Down one side of the pack you have the INFUSION PASTE, and on the other side the FINISHING SAUCE.  To get things going – you just tear them apart.

The next step is to coat the chicken in the infusion paste.  Then leave it for a couple of minutes while you prepare your veggies. The great thing about stir fries is that you can use whatever combination of veggies you like.
Add a tablespoon of oil to a hot pan, and then put the chicken in the pan.  You’ll smell the garlic, ginger and sesame.

Cook for 5 minutes and then throw in your three cups of veggies.  You just want to wilt and soften your veggies so 2-3 minutes is all you’ll need.
The final stage is to add the FINISHING SAUCE.  Stir through to coat your ingredients, cook for another 2 minutes and you’re done.

And there you have it – the perfect stir fry!  Cooked in under 10 minutes!

Richard Brogan
I'm Richard and I head up the MAGGI Kitchen in Sydney. We have a small team of dedicated culinary experts who lead the development of all our products as well as helping to create lots of recipes and articles to…... Read More
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