Stir Frying Meat

Stir Frying Meat
Here are our top ten tips for stir frying delicious meat!  Don’t worry about trying to do them all, but try a few of them and see how you go!

1. Cook the meat first – this way the outside of the meat seals to lock in the juices.

2. Use lean meat – when you buy your meat, check the fat content on the pack, or ask your butcher.

3. Cook your meat over high heat – at least for the first couple of minutes keep the heat high, it will seal the outside of the meat to stop it stewing.

4. Season your meat before cooking – a paste or marinade will add a lot of flavour to your meat as it cooks.

5. When you prepare your meat – chop it into even pieces, that way every piece will be finished cooking at the same time.

6 . If you’re cooking a lot of meat, try cooking it in batches – this way the pan doesn’t cool down to much with all the meat.

7. Once you’ve put the meat in the pan, leave it for between 30 and 60 seconds before you turn it over, this keeps the pan nice and hot and stops the meat from stewing.

8. Don’t add too much liquid into the pan until the meat is sealed, otherwise it will stew.

9. Make sure the pan is hot before you add the meat, a good way to test is by placing the tip of a woodern spoon in the oil – if you see small bubbles you’re good to go!

10. Let the food rest for a couple of minutes after cooking – it will be nicer to eat as the juices will be better distributed back throughout the pieces of meat.

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