Food Envy

Food Envy

Food envy is seeing a delicious plate of food waft by in a restaurant or cafe and wishing you had ordered it.

This happened to me recently while visiting my favourite breakfast haunt. It wasn’t that my meal wasn’t delicious – it was. But seeing a plate with a large flat mushroom, wilted spinach, crumbled feta, presented in a way that can only be described as food porn, I felt immensely and insanely envious and needed to satisfy my food envy.

First stop was to buy some common field mushrooms, I choose some Swiss, button and flat, I spied some fresh tarragon that looked amazing so grabbed a small bunch and also a nice sourdough. So breakfast would be a medley of mushrooms, with tarragon on toasted sourdough. All I had to do now was to decide how early to get up in the morning to satisfy my food envy.

While licking my lips in anticipation of the mushroom feast awaiting, I did a little research and discovered that not only do mushrooms taste great they also contain more fibre than wholemeal bread, are fat free and packed with minerals and vitamins. So they make a pretty good start to the day too.

Here’s the recipe, enough for two.

100g button mushroom (sliced)

100g Swiss (brown cap) mushrooms (sliced)

1 large flat mushroom (stalked removed and sliced)

10g butter

Snipped tarragon leaves

2 thick slices toasted sourdough

Pop all the mushrooms and butter in a frying pan, and slow fry them for about 15 minutes – this evaporates the water and concentrates the flavour.

Stir through the tarragon and serve on top of freshly toasted sour dough.

Food envy eliminated!!

Did you know mushrooms are also a pretty good standby ingredient as they keep well when stored in a cool, dark place, and can be used in so many different dishes.

If you prefere mushrooms for main, here’s one of my favourite emergency recipes

200g dry pasta

200g sliced mushrooms

1 pkt MAGGI tasty cheese sauce

Simply fry the mushrooms while  the pasta is cooking, boil the kettle to make the cheese sauce.

Drain the pasta, put into a large bowl, stir through the mushrooms and cheese sauce, serve with a green salad.

Serves 4


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