Cook like a master chef

Cook like a master chef

It’s easy to be inspired by the heaps of cooking shows on TV and thousands of clips on YouTube. Problem is that often the ingredients used are not ones that most of use regularly, or are familiar with. I mean, who has got the time to bone and roll a quail on a busy week night?

To really cook like a master chef it is better to get the basics right. You don’t need fancy ingredients to create inspiring meals. What you do need is to always start off with the best possible ingredients. This means using fresh seasonal produce. Don’t forget food in season is generally cheaper!

When buying meat don’t sacrifice quantity for quality. Remember that although the budget options may look better value it may not always be the case, for example premium minced beef will have less fat than the budget variety so on a protein to protein basis it doesn’t work out much more expensive.

For a basic meal that takes some beating, it’s hard to top a juicy roast chicken. Check out how to cook one Here

But if your inspiration is running wild and you really want to try something new then make sure that you choose recipes that are suited to your skills and never try out a new recipe on guests.

Other things to check out when following a new recipe are that you have all the utensils to make the recipe. Then read the recipe again and get out all the ingredients and utensils that you need. Turn the oven on if required and then do as much of the preparation as possible. Finally plan what order to cook everything.

Oh, one more thing; don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, practise makes perfect, so just figure out what you would do different next time.




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