Stir Fry Recipes

Stir fry tips including ingredients, cooking techniques and utensils.

Get stir fry tips on ingredients, stir fry cooking techniques and the right utensils for the perfect stir fry with the MAGGI Kitchen and our MAGGI Bloggers.

Stir fry is a fantastic meal – quick to prepare, good balance of veg and meat as well as giving you the chance to use great Asian flavours. But they can require a bit of trial and error to get them just right. We’ve put together a collection of articles and videos to help make this fantastic meal a bit more straight forward.

You can also find out more on new MAGGI Stirfry Creations!

Happy stir frying!

An easy to follow video on how to prepare MAGGI Stirfry Creations.  Richard from the MAGGI Kitchen takes you through the unique two-step process. Stir fries are a great way to get a balanced meal on the table fast!  Richard from the MAGGI Kitchen shows you how to create a delicious Honey, Soy & Garlic... Read More
I couldn’t wait to try the new MAGGI Stir Fry Creations range. My husband and I like anything Asian inspired and stir fries are a sure-fire midweek winner at our place. I was in luck this time around and was able to pick up some chicken and some fresh veggies from my local supermarket. For... Read More
Richard from the MAGGI Kitchen shows you how to select the best ingredients for your stir fry.  Tips on how to select vegetables and some of the best meats that are good for you and tasty.
Stir frying is a fantastic way to eat more vegetables.  The great sauces and flavours make the vegetables super tasty, even for the fussier eaters!  But which vegetables to use and how to stop them going soggy. The beauty of a stir fry is that really most vegetables will be ok!  The key is knowing... Read More
Stir frying with a non-stick wok or fry pan really does make the whole cooking process easier – and better still it means you can use less oil. Whether you’re using a wok or a fry pan to cook your stir fry, a non-stick surface does give you a little more freedom to cook your... Read More
So many different oils, the good news is you can stick with what you know – canola is great! For different dishes sometimes it is useful to use a slightly different oil.  For example, we find more and more people we talk to are using more olive oil for their cooking because it’s low in... Read More
Here are our top ten tips for stir frying delicious meat!  Don’t worry about trying to do them all, but try a few of them and see how you go! 1. Cook the meat first – this way the outside of the meat seals to lock in the juices. 2. Use lean meat – when you buy... Read More
For a stir fry you can use lots of different types of meat it’s a really flexible meal.  But here are some tips on which cuts of beef will give you the best results. Now before we get into the details on which cut is the best, there is one that always stands out from... Read More
Discover new MAGGI Stirfry Creations – download our recipes cards to try for yourself. With the unique two-step process, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the great depth of flavour you can create at home for everyone to enjoy. The beautifully fresh flavours of sweet chilli, ginger and lemongrass come together to create a delicious stir... Read More
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