One Pan

These easy-to-use recipe bases are the smarter way to cook better tasting meals. That’s because everything – including the rice, pasta, noodles or potatoes – is cooked in just one pan. Yes everything!

The beauty of cooking in just one pan – all the flavours simmer down and infuse for a delicious tasting meal, that the whole family will love. And don’t just believe us! Read what people who have tried MAGGI One Pan say about it! More details below.

And with no added MSG, artificial colours or flavours you can be confident you’re making a good choice.

Kidspot Mums Say gives MAGGI One Pan the Thumbs Up

The MAGGI Team is always looking for opportunities to get real feedback on our products, and see what you think! During August we’ve given the Kidspot Mums Say community the chance to try MAGGI Just One Pan for themselves – and they’ve given the smarter way to cook a thumbs up.

People were most surprised by how rich and tasty the different flavours were, from Honey Soy to Spaghetti Bolognese. And… that you really can cook it all in One Pan!

Read their comments for yourself. Read more